Sepecat Jaguar XX741 was purchased by the museum on 16th August 2009, following a very generous donation by Bentwaters Aviation Society member Brian Smee. The aircraft is one of the best examples of the type in the UK. Following its rollout after Phase 1 of its restoration on 17th August 2013, XX741 is now entering Phase 2 which could ultimately see it return to ground running condition.

With the electrical system already serviceable, No.1 and No.2 hydraulic systems have been filled, pressurised and checked for leaks. The accumulators in the hydraulic system will be re-charged with nitrogen as soon as a charging rig is available. It is hoped that by the end of Summer 2014 we should be able  to demonstrate working undercarriage doors, airbrakes, tailerons and rudder. Flap, slat and spoiler movement requires the sourcing and re-fitting of a number of missing components that were stripped out of the wing whilst in storage at RAF Shawbury. There is a possibility that two Adour 104 engines may also become available to us but this is the early stages at present.

Manufacturer: Sepecat
Purpose: Ground attack
Crew: One
Wingspan: 28 ft 5” / 8.64 metres
Length: 50 ft 11” / 15.52 metres
Height: 16 ft 1” / 4.92 metres
Weight: 16970 lb. / 7700 kg
Service ceiling: 45930 ft / 13920 metres
Engines: 2x Rolls Royce Adour
Performance: 1056 Mph

2x 30mm Aden cannon and various external fuel tanks, and bombs on 5 under aircraft hardpoints

Construction no. – S.38
Place of manufacture –  Warton, UK
Date of Manufacture – During early 1974, First Flown 4th October 1974
Type –  Built as a GR.1, updated to GR.1A standard
Date of delivery to RAF –  18th November 1974

With 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth Scotland Moved to RAF Coltishall serving with 54 Sqn
At RAF Coltishall serving with 6 Sqn
Deployed to Thumrait, Oman on 11th August 1990 for initial aircraft deployment for the Gulf War, although XX741 returned to Coltishall and did not fly any active missions during the gulf war.
XX741 was the RAF Jaguar airshow display jet for 1993,   participating in shows at North Weald & in Malta.
On charge with 226 OCU / 16(R) Sqn at Lossiemouth, although still retaining 6 Sqn markings, but with 04 code.
Final flight from RAF Lossiemouth to RAF Shawbury for   deep storage on 14:05 hrs on 31st January 1994.
Sold to Everett Aero at Sproughton, Suffolk on 18/11/2005

Total flying hours –  4260.20
Date received by the museum –  16th October 2009