Jaguar XX741 Appeal


The BCWM SEPECAT Jaguar XX741 restoration project is well into the second phase of restoring the airframe systems to operational conditions that will allow XX741 to be ground run, and ultimately to be able to fast taxi on the Bentwaters Parks runway.

This phase of the restoration has included a huge amount of research, networking, the kind assistance of Everett Aero, and financial assistance by BAS members in the sourcing of the missing components required to rebuild the airframe. The BWCM has already bought several items of ground equipment as part of the project to bring XX741 back to life, however there are still some other pieces of equipment that are needed to help continue the restoration.

The next milestone in the restoration is to obtain a set of aircraft lifting that are required to lift the airframe off its wheels. XX741 must be raised off the ground for several reasons:

1. The undercarriage shock absorbers were discharged of all pressure prior to XX741s move from Shawbury to Bentwaters. To re-pressurise them, the aircraft should be on jacks for the nose oleo, and must be off the ground to charge the main leg oleos, due to their design.

2. Other systems such as the brakes and wheels require removal for maintenance and testing prior to ground running and taxi of the airframe.

A couple of companies have come into procession of ex MoD stock of these jacks, and the BCWM is striving to negotiate a deal accordingly with them at the moment. It is anticipated that cost including transportation to Bentwaters will be circa £2500. Another option for these jacks is to borrow/loan a set from RAF Cosford via the MoD, but this has demonstrated itself to be extremely restrictive with time and financial constraints, and therefore not an option we wish to entertain.

From a longer term prospective, it is important to note that these jacks will not be used in a one off basis, as they will facilitate repeat operations for maintenance on XX741 in the future as well.

If you would like to donate to this cause, then the easiest method is to use PayPal. This method is already used by the BCWM and can be undertaken by using the email address:

Alternatively cheques can also be used and should be made payable to the “Bentwaters Aviation Society” and sent to “The Treasurer, Bentwaters Cold War Museum, 23 Walnut Tree Avenue, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2GG.

All we ask is that all donations are highlighted as a gift using the words “Jaguar” either on the message/note area within PayPal or written on the back of the cheque. This will highlight what the funding is for.

The Museum can claim gift aid from all UK donations made as it is a registered charity (No 1124197) and is externally audited with the accounts published on the charities commission website. Issues have arisen with other fundraising efforts for historical frame purchases as we all know, due to unaccountability and other factors. The e-mail address used transfers all money transferred by it directly into the Bentwaters Aviation Society account (that is controlled by trustee’s dual signatures for fund releases and as already stated is audited).

Many thanks
Bentwaters Cold War Museum

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